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Mountain treks in Peru, Bolivia, and Nepal, a boatride down the Amazon from Peru to Columbia, an exploration of the semi-jungle Pampas of Bolivia, exploring the Chitwan jungle in Nepal, and many cities and villages throughout these countries. Coming soon - Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Peru is a fascinating place. The Incan ruins are amazing. And the people are friendly. I love a good physical challenge. So in 1998, I traveled to Peru to trek in the Andes followed by a boatride down the Amazon River to explore the rainforest. The hike to Macchu Pichu certainly was challenging. I was part of an international group of 13. Even without consideration to the altitude, the trail is very strenuous, giving those that successfully finish the trek a sense of accomplishment. Along the way, I encountered some of the most beautiful scenery I've seen anywhere. The natural scenery is fantastic and the Incan ruins are amazing.

Nepal is a scenically beautiful country. And the people are friendly. In 1999, I traveled to Nepal and trekked in the Langtang region of the Himalayas. This area is near the Tibetan border and is inhabited primarily by Buddhists. Along the way, there were beautiful high altitude scenery of mountains and glaciers and pleasant buddhist people. I also explored Katmandu and other cities/villages in Nepal before traveling south to Chitwan to roam the jungle looking for tigers, rhinos, and other wildlife.

In 2001, I spent a month exploring Bolivia. During my explorations there, I did the Choro trek through the beautiful Andes. Absolutely incredible. I also spent several days in the semi-jungle pampas area. The wildlife there was truly fantastic. I also spent time exploring Incan and pre-Incan ruins around Cochabamba and the very ancient ruins at Tiahuanacu, thought to be the birthplace of civilization in the Americas. Bolivia - a heart-wrenchingly poor country, but a marvelous place.

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